Over the past few years I’ve been achieving AMAZING search engine rankings and traffic growth for businesses around the world in every imaginable market.

Many of my high-level corporate clients have privacy concerns with regards to sharing their big money-making keywords (and revealing the details of our powerful campaigns) but I have tried to reveal as much as possible below :-)

Jonathan Fields – Page 1 in 6 Weeks

Jonathan FieldsJonathan gave me a challenge after interviewing me for his blog.

He wanted to rank on page 1 for the term “marketing your book” with 13.7 million results (previously unranked and untargeted) and hit the top 3 for the term “book marketing” with 23.5 million results.

I did both. And in less than 60 days.

7 months later you will see Tribal Author sticking at number 3 for “marketing your book” and number 4 for “book marketing” with NO further work having been completed since August 2010.

Jonathan had this to say about his work with our team…

“I came to Elysia with a lot of questions and, frankly, a huge amount of skepticism about what she does. I grilled her about her methods and she had great answers. Still not convinced, though, I challenged her to get me listed on google’s page 1 for two top keywords in 60 days…and was blown away by the results.”

Private Client Result: 20,000 New Visitors

This client is in an extremely competitive software market and thus does not want me to divulge his keywords or company name but my team and I have been working on a powerful SEO campaign for their organisation with awesome results.

Here are a few highlights:

- Page 1 ranking for a term with 24.6 million results outranking Symantec and several other major players.
-  5 x individual page 1 Google rankings for terms ranging between 4.6-18 million results.
- 5 x page 2 Google rankings that we’re currently working to push onto the first page.
- We’ve helped bring in over 20,000 extremely targeted NEW visitors to the site.

Private Client Result: Outranking The BIG Guns

This client is an extremely competitive niche with the likes of Amazon and Sony as competitors. Understandably the do not wish to be named or have their keywords revealed but here are some of our campaign highlights…

In just under 4 months we have managed to achieve 2 major page 1 Google rankings for terms with more than 3.5 million results each, outranking the likes of Wired.com, PC Mag and Sony.

We’ve also secured 2 rankings on Page 2 and 3 of Google respectively for even bigger search terms (with loads more competition) that were introduced about 2 months into the campaign which are still climbing – fast!

Private Client Result: Conquering Australia

This client is a visa agency based out of Australia helping people who want to move to the UK. This fantastic team became clients of mine in 2010 and we’ve put their name on some serious Google.com.au real estate since then.

Thus far we’ve achieved 6 coveted page 1 rankings for a variety of major visa-related keywords bringing loads of extremely targeted new visitors to the site and outranking some huge authority sites in the industry.

Private Client Result: Fast Growing In Europe

At the end of 2010 I started working with a corporate client in the software niche in the EU market and thus far we have secured page 1 rankings in the German, Austrian AND Swiss Google search engines for terms with upwards of 50 million competing results.

We’re building power extremely fast with this campaign with rankings in the top 5 pages for 3 other hugely competitive terms.

Private Client: Expanding Their Hold Over The Travel Market

For this client in the student travel market we achieved FOUR page 1 Google rankings for terms ranging between 350,000 and 17 million competing results. We’ve outranked the likes of STA Travel, several strong Government (.gov) websites and several of their leading competitors in the student travel market.


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