If you’re like most webmasters that have great products/services, killer websites, or powerful ideas that are just sitting there without nearly enough people seeing them…

If you know you need more traffic to your website but don’t have enough hours in the day to do all the work it takes to make that happen…

And if the last thing you want to do is jump into the shark’s tank that is Elance, Rentacoder and other freelancer sites and hand your website over to some third world “outsourcer” with terrible grammar that you just can’t trust…

I think the words that follow might be the most important ones you read today, this week… maybe ever.

3 years ago, what I just wrote above was my reality. I was dying to make my online business a success, I had a killer product and everyone who did use it loved it – but there was a problem, there just wasn’t enough of those people…

It seemed like no matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to break through to the next level.

Analyzing keywords until all hours of the night, writing motivation-butchering articles until my fingers cramped, and rabidly pursuing traffic in every direction just wasn’t making the headway I so desired.

There were days when I thought that if I looked at one more keyword, typed one more paragraph, built one more link or looked over one more mediocre traffic report I might quite literally implode.

3 years have now passed since those hard yard, finger cramping, resolve-testing days and I am currently living in London (after living in Mexico, Toronto and Montreal in the last few years). I’m fortunate enough to be able to travel frequently, choose my work hours every single day and have plenty of traffic (and money) flowing in – plus it is continuing to grow every month.

What I realized as my online business (and to-do list) began to grow was that it was simply impossible to do it all alone.

I didn’t have enough hours in the day to complete all the tasks I needed to continue to grow my traffic and secure serious rankings in the Search Engines.

Working alone, I definitely did not have the resources to compete with the high-flying gurus in my niche market – and boy was I dying to take them on.

I began to rally an enthusiastic and experienced  team to help divide and conquer my traffic generation and content management needs.

As I divided up my tasks amongst my expert team I saw my traffic grow, my websites thrive and yet I was enjoying more free time than ever.

Traffic is the single most important element of any online business, so why do so many website owners hit a brick wall when it comes to achieving explosive traffic growth?

Because for many, traffic generation is:

a) Mind blowingly complicated
b) Terribly tedious

c) Horribly time consuming

d) Completely out of reach altogether

One or all of these factors may ring true with you, I know they did for me.

It was my focus on these factors that left me tied to the computer for 18 hour days, 7 days a week without achieving the business growth I so achingly desired, and deserved – until FINALLY I acknowledged the brutal truth…

Without traffic to your website, you are simply missing in action.

You can have a killer product, the most stunning graphics and heck even the most highly converting sales page in all the land. But without traffic, without your captive audience, without people physically finding your link and visiting your site you’ve got absolutely nothing.

While many of the “gurus” will lead you to believe it is an Einstein-worthy equation, the reality is quite simple.

Website + no eyes = no potential buyers seeing your killer product.

Website + some eyes = some buyers seeing your killer product.

Website + thousands of eyes = THOUSANDS of potential buyers seeing your killer product.

The trick is getting “the eyes” TO to your page – and getting them there PRONTO.

And that is where my team and I come into play.

My team are an incredible group of traffic generation professionals, trained (and employeed) exclusively by me and ready to explode your traffic starting NOW!

Masters in content creation, link building, SEO, blog management (and a whole lot more) my team are schooled in the fine art of traffic generation and are ready to serve you. Here are just some of the ways that our team have been transforming the websites and exploding the traffic of thousands of our valued clients…

- SEO Services: Custom, hands off SEO packages from $300/month for extreme traffic generation and the most coveted page 1 Google rankings.  Past clients have enjoyed positions above industry heavyweights like Sony.com, Amazon.com, STA Travel and more. If you are looking to invest in SERIOUS and long lasting results for your business you need to talk with us about a custom SEO campaign.

- Blog Creation: Custom niche blog packages including niche and keyword research, content creation, full blog installation and search engine optimisation and preliminary link building. Our team has helped jumpstart the niche blog empires of literally hundreds of online entrepreneurs over the last 3 years with these packages.

- Article Creation: A huge assortment of article creation services from 300-1000 word pieces with submission options, blog posting and more. Our writing team have a stellar reputation and over 75% of our article orders are from return customers because of it!

- Link Building: Our link building packages incorporate over 300 high quality, Google friendly, extremely targeted links that have a huge life span and will return results for YEARS to come.

- Private SEO and Website Review Consultations: I offer extremely affordable one-on-one consultations with clients who are looking for personal guidance with their website and SEO efforts. I will jump on the phone with you for a live website review and SEO assessment before putting together a custom, 7+ page report detailing EXACTLY what you need to change for improved traffic growth and conversion success.

- Graphic Design: We also have an awesomein-house designer who is available for website graphics such as blog headers, banners, ebook covers and more. If you are looking for custom-made, high quality but most importantly affordable graphic design then we have just the package for you!

And much, much more…

I have been personally building this team over the past 3 years and each and every team member has earned themselves a stellar reputation working diligently and effectively with thousands of clients including a number of high-level internet “gurus”.

The team have perfected the skills needed to perform the traffic and content generation services you need to achieve the huge traffic growth and solid Search Engine ranks you really need to make your business a success online.

Here’s a brief rundown of what you can expect when working with me and my team…

1) AMAZING Customer Support: You will have your very own project manager on hand Monday-Saturday to handle any queries you might have about your project or ongoing campaign within 24 hours.

2) QUALITY Products and Services: I proudly stand behind EVERYTHING my team produces and ensure that only the best earn a spot on my extremely responsible (long term) team.

3) SPEEDY Turnaround: My team will work as fast as they can to accelerate your traffic growth whilst ensuring the highest quality is produced. We also work hard to ensure you are kept up to date with every step of the process!

4) CLOSE Contact With ME: I prides myself on being extremely accessible for any client no matter how big or small their project might be! You will be given my private email address to forward any concerns or questions during your work with me (and beyond).


It can feel like a gigantic leap to cross the threshold from managing it all yourself to trusting a team of (god forbid) “outsourcers” with your website.

The idea of passing over your website to someone else can be daunting, it is your pride and joy after all…

I understand, I’ve been in your shoes too…

The fact that I have been there and taken that first scary leap allows me to be 100% confident in saying that I’m sure your worries will fade away after your very first experience with my team…

Over the past three years we have been building a fantastic team of content and traffic generation experts to work alongside me in increasing the traffic and online presence of business owners around the world.

Hand picked by yours truly, only the best have secured a spot on the our team and have been dazzling customers with their attention to detail, efficiency and quality ever since.

My staff have jumped through hoops to prove their ability to please both me, and my fantastic clients – and they continue to do so week after week.

Getting started with me and my team is EASY PEASY!

We have a host of packages available from Link Building to Consultations, Blog Creation to Article Creation.

You can get started simply by hitting the page you want in the toolbar at the top of this page. I’ve included a screenshot below to make it super, duper clear for you!

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Take the first (easy) step to HUGE success in your online business today!